Mercury (/ˈmɜːrkjʊri/; Latin: Mercurius ; The deity of financial gain, commerce, travelers, boundaries, luck, and communication in Roman Mythology.

In today’s economic reality where shifting sands in the area of geopolitical protectionism and financial system instabilities collide in the age of disruption, we believe there is no place safer for one’s wealth than liquid property.

The term ‘Liquid’ and property historically are never mentioned in the same sentence so we wish to clarify. Mercury’s definition of ‘liquid property’ refers to property, which at the bottom of any common economic denominator,generates at times even a minimal continuous yield which together combined in a portfolio of other properties creates an incremental positive financial effect to produce ‘liquid’ financial yield.

So About Mercury.

Mercury is a boutique international property realtor, manager, and at times developer. We acquire, sell, manage, and monetize property on behalf of clients around the world. For more information, visit our products and services section.

We serve our clients currently from offices in London, Manama, and Dubai.



Realty Services:

When it comes to finding our clients their next property purchase, a lot of pre-due diligence needs to be done. Many a times affluent investors get persuaded into fast moving real estate opportunities without having all the facts.

Every property can be assimilarly unique and key questions such as use of property, long term goals, estate planning goals, short term and long term capital appreciation or depreciation pressures ,and exit strategy.

Property is also an asset class that requires management, maintenance, and administration.

We assist clients with:

  • Research into worldwide residential and commercial real estate markets
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Negotiating and Acquiring
  • Ownership Structures

Property Management

  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Rental Management
  • Architectural Designs
  • Interiors and Furnishings


Many of our clients own properties in one or more countries in the world. Whether they are properties purchased as investments or holiday homes, many of them remain dormant for many years and get used once or twice a year making them running liabilities rather than assets. Every property has the potential to generate revenue streams for its owners. It may not always be at a level aspired to by its owners, but in most cases will tend to cover as a minimum running costs and administration.

We assist clients with:

  • Assessing the property
  • Rental market research
  • Forecasting
  • Rental Management and Maintenance
  • Collection of rent
  • Asset Pooling and Timeshare


For qualified or professional investors only, we offer the opportunity to participate in our property acquisition programmes. The programmes include specialist property vehicles that accumulate certain types of residential or commercial properties worldwide with vary objectives such as capital growth, rental income, a combination, or family time share.

Prospective clients that are eligible must complete a KYC check and sophisticated investor form for consideration, which is then vetted by a committee to determine whether the client meets the criteria for the programme.

Current Fund Offerings:


Type Objective: Rental Income

Geographic Distribution: Cyprus, UAE, Turkey, UK, Greece, and Italy

Capital Growth: Mid to Long term

Minimum Subscription: USD 100,000

Open to: Sophisticated or Professional Investors


Type Objective: Commercial

Geographic Distribution: Europe

Capital Growth: Mid to Long term

Minimum Subscription: USD 500,000

Open to: Professional Individuals (Certified HNWI) or Institutional Investors

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